Rigger Serving Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale & Throughout Florida

Sims Crane & Equipment has you covered if you need a rigger to install and manage vertical access equipment in order to lift, move, transport or position heavy machinery and/equipment at your facility or job site. We are the family owned and operated business that’s been recognized as a leader in the industry since 1959. In addition to being the Florida equipment supplier with the largest fleet of mobile cranes in Florida, we have more NCCCO certified operators, riggers and flagmen than any other crane company in the state. There are two levels of NCCCO certification – Level 1 and Level II. A Level 1 certified rigger is able to handle tasks such as rigging inspection, identifying and attaching rigging and using basic hitches and equipment. A rigger with Level II certification has the knowledge and skills to perform the following and more without supervision:
  • Estimate factors such as center of gravity and load weight
  • Determine lift points
  • Select rigging equipment on load factors
  • Conduct rigging and lift point inspection prior to use
  • Have an understanding of load dynamics and related hazards
Our Heavy Duty Moving Solutions and other services at Sims Crane & Equipment are second to none. Our riggers are known for their ability to handle heavy and delicate equipment such as MRI machines, robotic assemblies and other items weighing over hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our Master Rigger oversees our riggers as well as the planning and operation of all of the rigger related services that we offer. You can rest assured that every rigger on our team has the required certification, experience and skills needed to meet the requirements of their particular job assignments. Each rigger is personally accountable for safety, and all riggers must participate in ongoing mandatory safety training and performance monitoring. Our parts department inventories all of the equipment our riggers need for services at job sites in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and elsewhere throughout Florida. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a Sims Crane & Equipment rigger for an upcoming project.
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