Riggers Serving Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Naples, Boca Raton & Surrounding Regions

Sims Crane & Equipment is the family owned and operated business that most Florida companies rely on when they need riggers for existing or upcoming projects. They know they can count on us because we have the largest fleet of mobile cranes in the state of Florida and more certified riggers, crane operators and flagman than other equipment suppliers. Expert riggers from Sims Crane & Equipment are also often used for projects that require cranes and/or rigging equipment that are unfamiliar to on-staff construction company riggers. Sims Crane & Equipment is renowned in the industry for our commitment to safety in everything we do. We’re involved with many leading regulatory and safety organizations and committees. Safety is our number one priority and one of the reasons why 100% of our operators and riggers are CCO Certified. Sims Crane & Equipment rigger personnel are responsible for the following and more:
  • Keeping their CCO Rigger Certification current
  • Participation in ongoing training programs
  • Inspecting rigging equipment before, during and after use
  • Identifying potential hazards
  • Selecting rigging equipment based on center of gravity, load weight and other important factors
  • Personally accountable for safety
Contractors in Florida have taken advantage of safety education and resources offered by Sims Crane & Equipment such as our safety programs presented by the top riggers and crane operator experts in the industry. We have produced 80+ general information and safety videos that are available on our Sims Crane YouTube Channel including rigger related videos such as “What are the Requirements of a Qualified Rigger?”, “Improper Rigging” and  more. You can rest assured that the top priority of Sims Crane & Equipment riggers who are involved on projects Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Naples, Boca Raton or cities in surrounding regions is to work efficiently and complete the job on schedule while taking the time necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on and around the job site. Contact us today for more information on our quality rigging services.
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