Hauling Industrial Machinery in Florida

You may already know that Sims Crane & Equipment has been a leading supplier of industrial equipment including cranes, hoists, aerial lifts and forklifts for over 55 years. In addition to our quality equipment from the leading equipment manufacturers, industry professionals from construction companies to entertainment facilities rely on us for our expertise and exceptional service. To add value to the needs of our customers, our Sims Crane & Equipment subsidiary, Sims HD, was founded to provide the heavy-duty moving services needed throughout Florida. Hauling industrial machinery such as HVAC equipment, printing presses, robotics assemblies, high-capacity storage tanks and other equipment weighing up to 100,000 pounds safely, efficiently with precision is the specialty of the highly trained team of heavy equipment movers and specialists at Sims HD. As the trusted name in machinery moving and rigging services, the Sims HD team will employ the use of many of the following during the planning and execution of our hauling industrial machinery services:
  • Certified crane operators
  • Experienced certified riggers
  • Fleet of heavy hauling tractors
  • 3D lift modeling software
  • Comprehensive on-site evaluations
  • Strict adherence to safety procedures, guidelines and regulations
The exterior and interior location where the equipment is currently located and where it will be ultimately placed is needed for the selection of the correct equipment.  The Sims HD team will use 3D lift modeling software for more difficult operations to plan and map out every step of the move. Our expert heavy equipment movers have a variety of equipment available including versa-lift mobile lifts, self-propelled transporters and air bearing dollies to ensure the protection of your equipment. Our on-site consultations are provided at no charge to evaluate the logistical considerations of hauling industrial machinery. Sims Crane & Equipment is dedicating to providing the best solutions, services and products for your industrial needs in Florida. Contact us now to learn more about what we can do for you.
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