Who We Are…

At SimsHD, we’ve brought together a team of talented local specialists in the field of specialized rigging and industrial machinery moving. We specialize in the installation, transportation and removal of specialized industrial and medical grade machinery. Whatever your project, we have the right tools for the job. Protecting your valuable assets is our top priority! 11034186_10153627376057729_526832587789227489_n

What We Believe

When you entrust SimsHD to provide solutions for your lifting needs, you can depend on our team of dedicated experts to deliver safe and efficient service. Our team is committed to providing mobility and protecting your assets from start to finish of every job. Bringing together a variety of rigging, lifting and transportation disciplines means you’ll have a highly experienced, well trained team of rigging and machinery moving professionals, capable of providing the right solutions for moving and placing your equipment. Whether we assist the installation of delicate and sensitive medical MRI machines, massive generators, injection mold machinery or HVAC equipment, the SimsHD rigging crew handles your property with the highest level of care. Ask about our turn-key program and we will show you how we can mobilize, lift and place equipment in accordance with your project parameters. You’ll find confidence in the level of awareness, pride and personal involvement we bring to jobs big and small.

Where We Work

SimsHD offers heavy duty moving solutions for industrial applications throughout the State of Florida. Our certified riggers operate efficiently, safely and professionally placing industrial grade machinery in a wide range of facilities and environments including medical labs, chemical handling and production facilities, injection mold manufacturing plants, recycling centers and power generation facilities. By combining the latest technology with fundamental application of mechanical advantage, SimsHD rigging crews have the ability to handle delicate or heavy loads ranging from 10,000 Lbs. up to hundreds of thousands, gently and smoothly. Begin by calling us today or fill out the form online to have a SimsHD expert evaluate your project at no cost to you!
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