Machinery Moving Services for Those in Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Starke, Bonita Springs, Lakeland & Throughout Florida

SimsHD is a Sims Crane & Equipment affiliate that provides exceptional rigging and machinery moving services. Sims Crane & Equipment has provided companies in Florida with vertical access equipment and services since 1959. At SimsHD, our specialty is providing horizontal access moving solutions to healthcare providers and industrial organizations. We provide services throughout Florida from our 13 SimsHD locations. We’ve proudly earned the reputation in the state as the equipment moving services experts with a team of movers who have the experience to safely and efficiently move delicate and valuable assets into and out of confined and hard to reach spaces. The heavy machines and equipment that we transport, move and install at SimsHD typically weigh between 10,000 pounds and hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our team is always equipped with the best equipment in the industry, including Versa Lift heavy-duty forklifts, Goldhofer transporters, air dollies, hydraulic skidding systems and more, to provide unparalleled equipment moving services to organizations in industries such as the following and more: Our commitment to safety and our dedication to protecting MRI machines, CT scanners, robotic assemblies, storage tanks, transformers and other valuable client assets begin the moment we schedule a move and continue until our machinery moving services team has securely and safely placed all equipment. Our Master Riggers and lift planning experts use onsite consultations, evaluations and our award-winning 3D software to plan and prepare for all scheduled machinery moving services in Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Starke, Bonita Springs, Lakeland and other cities throughout Florida. The reports and visual layouts generated provide improved workflow and better communication between riggers and machinery movers. Our impressive record of zero damages or injuries on more than 700 completed projects is directly related to our culture of safety and personal accountability. Contact one of our SimsHD moving specialists for a free project consultation and quote on upcoming machinery or equipment installations or relocations.
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