Equipment Moving Services in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee & Elsewhere in Florida

SimsHD does the heavy lifting every day for small and large organizations located throughout Florida. Our equipment moving services combine the expertise of our experienced and skilled industrial machinery movers with the latest equipment and technology. Our movers safely and efficiently move heavy, large and/or delicate industrial and medical equipment and machinery into, around, and out of horizontal access buildings and structures. When you enlist us to provide equipment moving services, our top priority is protecting your valuable assets. During our first 700 moves, we have not had a single damage or injury. Our perfect record is a testament of our commitment to excellence and safety in everything we do. We employ only the top certified riggers and industrial machinery movers, each of whom has the skills and experience to gently lift and place cargo weighing up to hundreds of thousands of pounds into hard to reach and confined spaces. Radiology centers, hospitals, water treatment facilities, manufacturing plants and other organizations have relied on our mobility solutions to move and transport machinery and equipment such as the following and more:
  • 60,000 lb. air compressors
  • Standing storage tanks
  • Robotic assemblies
  • MRI machines and CT scanners
  • Rooftop HVAC air handlers and chillers
  • 50 ton rollers
SimsHD provides our movers and equipment operators with the highest quality tools and equipment including Tadano, Kobelco and other brands of mobile cranes and boom lifts, Versa Lift fork lifts, Champion hoisting equipment, air dollies, Goldhofer transporters, hydraulic skidding systems and more. Our Master Rigger oversees equipment selection and rigging on all equipment moving services in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee and other locations elsewhere in Florida. Our award-winning 3D lift planning software is always used by our lift planners to improve workflow and safety by creating visual layouts of complicated moves. Contact a moving specialist at SimsHD today to learn more about how we can assist you with an upcoming move.
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