Rigging Companies for West Palm Beach, Clearwater, Lake City, Leesburg, Hollywood & Statewide

Rigging companies are often hired by organizations to lift and move industrial equipment or other massive or heavy objects. Cranes, hoists, aerial lifts and other rigging equipment such as hitches, slings and fittings are some of the tools most often used by riggers and equipment operators and other employees working at rigging companies. Sims Crane & Equipment has several locations throughout Florida, and we are Florida’s recognized leader in the crane and rigging industry. Since Thomas H. Sims founded the company over 55 years ago, Sims Crane & Equipment has continued to offer exceptional products along with service and support that is unmatched by other crane and rigging companies. Organizations that partner with Sims Crane & Equipment for specialized rigging services can expect the following and more:
  • Certified Master Riggers to oversee rigging planning, set-up and execution
  • Over 250 experienced operators certified in crane operation, signaling and basic rigging
  • On site consultations with application specialists and/or lift planning experts available
  • Safety training, education and practices and a safety record that is renowned in the industry
  • Award-winning 3D modeling software to plan, layout and prepare for upcoming projects
  • Sims HD heavy-duty moving expertise
While many rigging companies can lift and place equipment outdoors on job sites, Sims HD riggers and movers also have the experience and knowhow to move industrial equipment that often weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds. We are known as the heavy-duty movers, and we are able to gently move delicate medical equipment such as CT scanners and MRI machines and fit them into tight spaces or hard to reach locations in medical facilities. We utilize air-baring dollies, Versalift high capacity forklifts and Jack-and-Slide transport loading systems. Additionally, our team can move your items using Self Propelled Modular Transports (SPMT), which offer a 600 ton capacity and enable us to smoothly transport your machinery from one location to the next. Safety is our number one priority at Sims Crane & Equipment, and it is one of the things that sets us apart from other rigging companies. When Sims Crane & Equipment personnel are working on projects in West Palm Beach, Clearwater, Lake City, Leesburg, Hollywood and beyond, you can rest assured that every staff member, from lift planners and service technicians to rigging specialists, movers and crane operators, are personally accountable for the safety of everyone on or near the job sites. Contact us today to discuss your rigging, moving and/or equipment needs.
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