Crane Rigging for Tallahassee

Let Sims HD do the crane rigging and heavy lifting for you. Our rigging and machinery moving team are highly trained and experienced professionals committed to providing you the right solutions for moving, placing and protecting your valuable assets. Our crane rigging crews can handle heavy loads up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Customers continue to rely on our rigging and machinery moving expertise for the transportation and installation of such items as electric transformers, HVAC equipment, MRI machines and industrial generators. Ensuring your equipment is moved efficiently, we use the best equipment for your particular need including the following equipment:
  • Versa-lift mobile lifts
  • Air bearing dollies
  • Modular transporters
  • Cranes
  • 3-D modeling software
Sims HD is a subsidiary of Sims Crane & Equipment. Sims Crane & Equipment is a family owned and operated business that has been a trusted partner to Florida construction companies in building hospitals, schools, government facilities and more for over 50 years. It’s no wonder that with access to the Sims Crane & Equipment’s eleven offices strategically located throughout Florida and the staff of over 250 certified crane operators, Sims HD has become the preferred heavy duty moving solution for businesses with equipment moving needs. Our Master Rigger and Expert Lift Planner lead our crane rigging team. Each has the skills and knowledge in their particular area of expertise to assure a smooth and successful transport of your equipment. An evaluation is done prior to the move. For complicated projects, we use state of the art 3D lift planning software in preparation for the move to provide a visual layout and assist in planning every step of the entire moving and installation process. Contact one of our courteous Sims Crane & Equipment associates to learn how to get the experts at Sims HD on your crane rigging project or machinery move. We are proud to serve those in Tallahassee and across the great state of Florida.
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