Move Industrial Equipment in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona Beach & Throughout Florida

The heavy duty moving specialists at Sims HD have the training, skills and knowledge to carefully transport and move industrial equipment safely into seemingly impossible locations. Sims HD is an affiliate of Sims Crane & Equipment, a family owned and operated equipment company that’s been providing construction industry professionals with crane rentals, rigging services, lift planning and more for over 60 years. Our top priority at Sims HD is protecting the valuable assets of our customers while maintaining impeccable levels of safety on and around jobsites. We have an impressive safety record of zero damages or injuries during our first 700 moves. Sims HD has the qualified personnel and right equipment to move medical and industrial equipment such as the following and more:
  • Manufacturing plant lasers, robotics and hydraulic presses
  • Air handlers, compressors, chillers and other HVAC equipment
  • Industrial processing facility storage tanks and equipment
  • Medical facility CT scanners and MRI equipment
  • Aerospace defense industry rockets and radar equipment
  • Electrical transformers, UPS equipment and switch gears
Sims HD uses 3 Lift Planning Software and other state-of-the-art technology and equipment when we move industrial equipment. In preparation for moves, our lift planning experts use the modeling software to create a visual layout of the jobsite. Our Master Riggers select the equipment, such as crane rentals, boom lifts, air bearing dollies, modular transports and other equipment, that is required to safely and effectively move heavy equipment weighing up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Sims HD heavy equipment movers, riggers and the certified operators who handle Sims Crane & Equipment crane rentals and other equipment are proudly renowned in the industry for their ability to smoothly and efficiently move industrial equipment into tight spaces in buildings in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Daytona Beach and into hard to reach places on construction sites and other locations throughout Florida. Sims HD offers free project consultations and quotes. Contact a courteous and knowledgeable SimsHD associate today for more information on our services and/or to schedule a consultation.
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