Moving Medical MRI Machines in Florida

Moving medical MRI machines is a more complicated undertaking than most people realize. To handle moving medical MRI machines and other delicate, sensitive machinery that is enormous and often weighs in excess of 11 tons, specialty trained experts, heavy industrial equipment and transportation vehicles are needed throughout the entire process. It is important to choose a company that not only has experience hauling industrial machinery, but can handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. At Sims HD, our top priority is protecting your assets. We have years of experience, all of the following services and more to ensure the safe and efficient handling of your valuable equipment:
  • 3D lift planning
  • Crane rigging
  • Removal of equipment
  • Transportation
  • Equipment placement
  • Repair services
Sims HD is a subsidiary of Sims Crane & Equipment. Sims Crane & Equipment is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business that is recognized as the premier crane and equipment provider in Florida. Sims Crane & Equipment has earned the respect and business of construction professionals over the past 50 years for the expertise and knowledge of the staff along with the quality and quantity of products and services offered. The company is ranked in the top 20 of the American Cranes & Transport (ACT) Top 100 list of largest crane owning companies in North America. It is also ranked in the top 50 of the Rental Equipment Register (RER) list of top 100 equipment providers. With access to the products, specialists, services and industry relationships developed over the past 50 years, Sims HD has earned the reputation of doing the impossible. Hauling industrial machinery can be difficult enough, but moving medical MRI machines or other extremely large and heavy items and placing them into the upper floor of an office building or other hard to reach location takes the expertise that can only be found in Florida with the expert planners, certified riggers and CCO crane operators at Sims HD. Contact us today to schedule any of our machinery moving services.
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