Heavy Equipment Movers in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee & Elsewhere in Florida

Allow Sims HD to handle the removal, transportation, lifting and/or installation of your heavy industrial machinery or medical grade equipment. We are a family owned and operated company that is renowned in the industry for our ability to do what others think is impossible. Sims HD heavy equipment movers, certified riggers, lift planners and other team members are completely committed to providing unparalleled heavy-duty moving solutions. Ensuring the safety of everyone on and near job sites along with protecting the valuable assets of our clients are always our top priorities when our team is hauling industrial machinery or gently placing delicate medical equipment into hard to reach places. Sims HD’s certified equipment operators and riggers have the training, experience and skills to lift and move cargo weighing from 10,000 pounds up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Our heavy equipment movers provide services to organizations in the following industries and more: Sims HD has the vertical and horizontal access equipment and sophisticated technology that is required for hauling industrial machinery. As an affiliate of Sims Crane & Equipment, we have access to the largest fleet of mobile, all terrain, rough terrain, carry deck and crawler cranes in Florida from the biggest names in the industry including Tadano, Kobelco, Grove and more. We also have a Goldhofer trailer that is capable of handling heavy equipment up to 600,000 pounds such as MRI magnets, transformers and more. Our two Versa Lift forklifts have capacities of 60,000 and 100,000 pounds, and we have four 40,000 pound capacity air bearing dollies. Our heavy equipment movers begin to prepare well before projects in Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee and elsewhere throughout Florida begin. Our lift planning experts prepare visual layouts and maps of projects with our award-winning 3D lift planning software. Our Master Rigger uses the information that was generated to select which equipment and personnel will be utilized as well as to improve communication and workflow during the project between riggers, movers and operators. Contact a Sims HD specialist today to learn more about our heavy-duty moving services.
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